Vintage Visualizations
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Vintage Visualizations
Once upon a time I liberated a bunch of fun post-Civil-War maps, charts and graphs for all to see. But now you can buy them! For your walls! Posters of ye olden days graphics on everything from consumption to population to religion to Germans and more.

Last year I was getting prints made of some of my favorite visualizations from the set, and it was horrrrrible. Stressful and confusing and just plain no good. So eventually I thought hey, maybe other people want these prints too, and I should spare them stress and confusement and nogoodness? So that's what I did!

I'm starting out with a selection of prints from the same Census Atlases as on Handsome Atlas, but hope to add a ton more as time goes on.
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This is one of those "picture worth a thousand words" setups:
Agriculture (cotton) vs. Distribution of the Non-white population

[as expanded upon previously]
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[copied from my comment on the blue]

OMG, I do viz and I am swooning over here. SWOO. NING. Gorgeous maps, of course -- best of the best -- and the presentation and site performance are smooth, easy and lovely.

Please keep doing what you're doing because you're great at it.
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