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Known is a simple platform for publishing words, pictures, podcasts and more to a site that you control. Choose to syndicate it to social networks like Twitter and Facebook, or software you already use like Moodle or Sharepoint. With Known, you control your content and ideas.

Known is the first startup to emerge from the indieweb movement. Its first market is education. It was incubated as part of the third class at Matter, a media accelerator funded by the Knight Foundation, PRX and KQED.

It's free and open source. Take the code and run it on your own server - or use the free, hosted service. The first version is named for Katherine Dunham.

We talked about it a little on This Week in Google with Leo Laporte.
Role: CEO, lead developer
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I looked around for some links to example sites, but didn't see those. Can you give some links to example sites that are using your platform?
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Sure; we're new, but there are thousands right now. First of all, here's mine, and my cofounder's.

More individuals: Kevin Marks (our advisor), Sarah Dessen, Marcus Povey (who has contributed heavily), Elle Corwin.

Jim Groom is piloting it at the University of Mary Washington with the help of Tim Owens. This is one of their Known hubs.
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This is awesome!
I just created (within seconds) a platform for global nomads/tck-ers. Many thanks for making this possible!
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