True Music Facts Wednesday
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True Music Facts Wednesday
On Wednesday, September 4 last year, I sent a friend a piece of music trivia and (jokingly) claimed that it was "just like we do every Wednesday." Then I decided to actually start doing it. Yesterday marked entry 52 - one year of "True Music Facts Wednesday." All 52 entries are posted at the link, and I have previously posted 3 of the stories to the Blue (1, 2, 3). Other favorites include the genesis of the "Amen Break," the story of Vaughn Meader's rise to (and sudden fall from) superstardom, Blues Traveler's hidden-in-plain-sight taunt in "Hook," the story of Jason Everman's stints with two of grunge's biggest bands, the hip hop #1 that was inspired by Spuds MacKenzie, the joke offer that (maybe, almost) reunited John and Paul in 1976, and the accidental, serendipitous creation of "Puff, the Magic Dragon."
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Holy crap, this is awesome. Why was it not instantly posted to the front page? My weekend reading is set.
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Loving this site. Listening to Dave Grohl's early demo stuff now.
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