Meet People While Fighting Off Wandering Monsters
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Meet People While Fighting Off Wandering Monsters is real-time adventure/fantasy game. To play, enter a name, you can leave the password blank, and then click on an icon and class and you should go right in. Use the mouse button to move around by click on the map in the middle. Standing on the edges of the map will pull you into the next section. Sound is off by default. Use chat at the bottom to communicate with other players. Good luck!
Role: designer
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I would describe that experience as sufficiently hardcore. I like the grim, gothic style monster icons and the black background. I did pretty well by attacking everything I saw until a ram killed me almost instantly. What determines monster strength? In the future if I avoid all rams would I do better, or are rams randomized?
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All rams are the same. It only does 2-8 so you might have been damaged from before. Eat food and rest (not fight) to get back health. Ram is a level 2 encounter which you wouldn't find too close to the center. Further out, you will find 1st through 3rd level encounters. You needed to kill 4 more levels worth of things to go up a level.
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This looks great, but for some reason isn't working for me. I can choose my character and the game starts, but then nothing I do does anything. If I click on the square I am standing in, four triangles come in and center on my character, but if I click away on any other squares, nothing. Also, it says 'Rather Loading...' above the chat window. When I tried to chat it accepted my input but nothing loaded in the chat window. Halp!
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Oh, I tried it in Chrome, Firefox and IE, and I can actually see my other characters on the map even though I closed out the windows. Can't do anything though.
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