Predicting Game of Thrones
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Predicting Game of Thrones
I finally gave in and started reading Game of Thrones. When I got to the end of the first chapter, I texted a bunch of my nerd friends like, "Why do people think this is surprising? It is like super-obviously signposted!" From there, it turned into a project where I try to predict what will happen in Game of Thrones. I am blogging my predictions and there is a page where I mark off my predictions as correct or incorrect as I get to them.

I will be posting the first half of Book III (Storm of Swords) soon. KathrynT and ChuraChura have been subjected to my predictions and complaints as I read along. (My complaints mostly consist of WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CHARACTERS THIS IS LIKE WAR AND PEACE.) You can follow my blog posts on an RSS feed.

Prediction: Winter is coming. Pretty sure.
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I don't even read these books and find this very entertaining! I would say, on your checklist page, to maybe make the font color for "true" and other comments less . . . neon? It's a little hard to read.
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As someone who has read all five books, I LOVE THIS and am following eagerly!
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Also, I must take issue with you when, in your Storm of Swords post you wrote "Zombie Robb" and neglected to make a "Rob Zombie" joke. Still, I love it! :)
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Whoa, you are good. Typology, eh? Interesting.
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Yoren is surprisingly good at his job for someone who doesn't bathe. Arya is starting to admire him; therefore, I expect he will die by the end of the book.


•Davos: Why do I even care who you are?
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Yeah I need to work on the layout a bit and fix that green, I keep having problems with it reverting to earlier versions and losing all my careful bullet points and things!

There's a real rhythm to how GRRM drops in his clues about the future once you start paying attention to it. This is actually similar to when I collected all the pictures from "The Goldfinch" on a Pinterest board ... it's making me read much more closely and pay more attention to the narrative, and I am noticing what a very tightly-constructed plot this is, excessive detail notwithstanding!
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Okay seriously dudes this bad at anticipating other people's strategies don't win wars. [Mike: He's HONORABLE.] This is a boy book.
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She is ODDLY UNCONCERNED with Rickon so I expect him to survive the next book.

This bothered me SO MUCH. Rickon is only, what, 3? 4? And she just LEAVES him for WEEKS/MONTHS at a time?! And then complains about how her "weak" sister is still taking care of her only child? I'm all, "Robb is a big boy; he can take care of himself. How about you take care of your TODDLER at home and leave the TEENAGER to go on his warring?"
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