DIY Birth Control, Abortions, & More
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DIY Birth Control, Abortions, & More
I'm working on an easy to read, well-researched guide to help women with healthcare access problems obtain and use birth control methods (hormonal and non-hormonal), emergency contraception, and medical abortion pills. Given the way that these important health issues are treated in the U.S. today, it saddens me that we need this guide but I believe the information is vital. If you are a person who may become pregnant or care about someone who may become pregnant, this guide could be of use--it even teaches a new way to use diaphragms that makes them easier to use, more convenient, and more effective all at once.

A couple of journalists have already interviewed me about the guide:

In a month or two I'll be putting out an extended edition that adds more information in all existing sections and adds a new section on increasing fertility, for women who are experiencing subfertility/infertility and lack the resources to spend tens of thousands of dollars to reproduce.

I believe firmly that this information belongs in the hands of women.
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