Seneca: online giving and volunteering
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Seneca: online giving and volunteering
Seneca is a website that helps people give time to their friends and money to social causes.

Post things you need help with and an amount you're willing to donate in return for this help. Ideally, someone will reach out to you via email responding to your request. Upon completion, you pay the site, which forwards the money (less 5%) on to the organization of your choice, and notifies both you and your helper.

I was going to launch this pet project in my business school in a month or so, but given Metafilter's increased need for donations I thought I would put it out there now for Mefites only. I added Metafilter as an organization you could give money to.

Keep in mind that this is very much a "minimum viable project". Very much looking forward to feedback!

Invite code: "MEFILTER".
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