JailbreakCon, a community conference for iOS jailbreaking & Cydia
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JailbreakCon, a community conference for iOS jailbreaking & Cydia
As part of my work, I help organize a conference for people who enjoy tinkering with their iPhones and developing software that can't be published in the App Store (it turns out there are a lot of us who enjoy this kind of thing). This year it's in South San Francisco on April 12-13. iOS jailbreaking has a big community spread around the world, and it's pretty fun to get to see each other in person.

If you're interested in jailbreaking, even if you can't attend, the JailbreakCon website links to videos and articles from previous years, so hopefully there's something cool there to learn from. If you don't know anything about jailbreaking but it sounds interesting, Wikipedia has a factual overview, and the jailbreaking subreddit demonstrates a bunch of the modifications and customizations that people play with for jailbroken iOS.
Role: Helping organize the event; made the website
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