Just Graph It
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Just Graph It
A simple app for creating a line graph. It works by entering a number, a date-time is automatically associated with that number when it is entered. Two or more numbers and you got yourself a line graph. Not much more to it, there's the ability to create multiple graphs, and to edit entries, but tt's light weight by design. Note: Requires a modern browser with HTML5. It worked for me on PC (Chrome), Android and iPhone, it should work on everything else. There's a shorter alternate url as well: g.joha.us

I created this over a weekend because there didn't seem to be anything out there that just did this one simple thing. Personally, I use it to track my weight, and enjoyed the no hassle input and instant feedback.

This is intended to be a low stakes graphing utility with a very simple interface. I don't plan on adding much to it. Maybe an export function if I get ambitious.

Feel free to report any bugs or enhancements you'd like to see. You can create an issue in the github repository, or an email/me-mail is fine too.

Some technical details and background for any one interested in those aspects

There is no server component to this app (other than downloading it to the browser), everything is ran local to the device. This means that if you change devices (or browsers) any existing graphs won't follow you, but it also means no servers see your data.

It's built using primarily angular and d3 for the graph and the open source code is up on github,

A note to any fellow developers. I humbly apologize for not having any unit tests. If my guilt gets too high I might add them in later.
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