wgif: GIFs from YouTube on the command line
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wgif: GIFs from YouTube on the command line
WGif is a command line tool for creating animated GIFs from YouTube videos.

FFmpeg and ImageMagick are powerful libraries for video transcoding and image manipulation—perfect for making high quality animated GIFs. WGif wraps them up in a bit of Ruby to make animated GIFs on the command line. Give WGif a YouTube URL and a few parameters like start time, duration, and frames, and it spits out an optimized GIF.

For all the details, please see the project README. I designed the built-in installer with OS X in mind, but WGif will work on Linux if you install FFmpeg (>= 0.11) and ImageMagick by hand.
Role: programmer
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Well, there goes my idea for my next project. I'm not going to be able to do it more cleanly and elegantly than this, so I'll just use yours. (Seriously, nice work.)
posted by quarantine at 10:13 PM on March 21, 2014

Wow, I don't go poking around projects very often so I'm glad that I did and that I've found this. Good stuff!
posted by thebigdeadwaltz at 7:32 PM on April 12, 2014

Hey, thanks everyone! I just pushed version 0.2.0, which adds direct uploads to Imgur. Just add an --upload flag and it'll automatically publish the gif and spit back the public URL.
posted by ecmendenhall at 7:14 PM on April 15, 2014

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