Commission Cool Stuff!
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Commission Cool Stuff!
For a modest price I will insert you, or a loved one, into the fictional universe of your choice via a short story. Or, seeing as I am a classically trained composer, I will compose a piece of music for you based on your life and your interests. Terrific Valentine's Day gift!

A guy from Australia recently commissioned me to write a short story inserting his wife into the world of Sex and the City along with some music to be played while he read her the story. I only had one day to put it altogether but they loved it so much that he was insistent that I offer this service to other people. Here's the short story, this is the mp3 recording, and this is the sheet music (with names changed to protect their privacy).

His insistence plus the fact that it was so much fun made it easy for me to conclude that I should offer this up for other people. You can click on the main link to take you to the page on my site with more details about the project. But it's pretty simple. I'll write you or a loved one into a story based on the fictional universe of your choice (if I know nothing about it, as in the example above, I will do the research) and give you a nicely typeset pdf copy of it.

Or I can compose an original piece of music for you or your loved one. The music I write tends to be all modernist and experimental (like Cage) though I've been known to do regular ol' atonal stuff and even serial music. While those are in my wheelhouse as you can see in the example above I can do more conventional music as well. The music linked above uses the theme from Sex and the City in what started as a fugue and then evolved into a set of variations. I can certainly do something similar for you as well.

I think this would make a terrific gift for a loved one and would make you look like some kind of fancy patron of the arts and all for a reasonable price. In fact the prices I quote on my site are completely negotiable.

You can message me through here or my website if you are interested or want to discuss it further. Any questions or comments are always appreciated.
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David just completed a suite of music for me. He's a very talented and careful artist, and he does great work. Using his service has been a 100% positive experience.
Thanks again, David.
posted by DinoswtfEd at 12:47 PM on February 18, 2014

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