Bookhive by Rusty Squid
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Bookhive by Rusty Squid
For the last few months I've been helping a group of Artists/Engineers/puppet makers called Rusty Squid to design, make and install the Book Hive in Bristol Central Library, UK. There's more info on MyModernMet.

"A new living sculpture just went up in the Bristol Central Library called Book Hive that will ultimately consist of 400 "moving" books, one for each year of the library's history. To celebrate the library's 400th anniversary, Bristol's creative robotics collective Rusty Squid, with an award of £90,000 from Arts Council England, designed this interactive installation that blends old books with new technology. The swarm of animated books responds to the movements of the library's visitors, opening and closing in breathtaking patterns."
Other Blog posts about Bookhive: Gizmodo & F***YeahBookArts.
Role: Design advice and tea making
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Oh yeah! My bookstore totally reblogged this; it's lovely.
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Launch night was tonight:
More pics
Press release and video
BBC news coverage
posted by Drew Glass at 1:50 PM on February 13, 2014

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