Elbee and Brugle in 'Moving Right Along'
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Elbee and Brugle in 'Moving Right Along'
Puppets sing a (somewhat adapted) classic muppet song, accompanied by flute and ukulele. Recorded in pieces as we travelled for work this year in Canada, the US, Kenya, Ethiopia, Spain, and France.

The 'popcorn' puppets were designed by Banjo Puppets, in Toronto. My partner and I picked them up at the Hillside Music Festival a couple years ago, and spent the rest of the weekend talking to each other 80% through our new puppet personas, Elbee and Brugle. We recorded the song in Kenya last year, and started taking bits of footage here and there to (eventually) assemble into the video you see here; a quiet Christmas retreat gave us a day to actually process all the footage.

Role: singer, puppeteer, cameraperson
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