Applebee's emotionally unstable twitter account
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Applebee's emotionally unstable twitter account
Applebee's twitter account is by turns defensive, insecure, and angry with occasional delusions of grandeur.
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posted by kingfelix (1 comment total)

I like the idea and I followed, but I think it needs a bit more of a developed personality. I like the tweets where they seem to be coming apart about people dissing them, but the insults are a little weak at times rather than sounding really crazy, and some of the generic hashtags undercut the jokes rather than adding to them.

It either has to be subtle, like @NotCoatFactory or completely over the top disturbing. I prefer the latter of course. Tweeting directly at other fastfood restaurants would help I think too. Or searching "applebees" and replying to people talking about it there.

Applebees is sort of overexposed in the twitterjokeaverse too actually--lots of people make fun of it, so you gotta really bring your A game!
posted by Potomac Avenue at 9:42 AM on November 4, 2013

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