Un-creative Writing Prompts
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Un-creative Writing Prompts
Prompts for professional writers in un-creative fields.

There are a lot of places creative writers can go. But what about those of us writers who toil away at the boring day jobs, writing software documentation, business communications, grant proposals, etc?

Uncreative Writing Prompts is a place for you to go when you're blocked, when deadlines are pressing, and you feel like your soul has been crushed in to a small cube in the junkyard of corporate America.
NOTE: Uncreative Writing Prompts ENTERTAINMENT-FLAVORED BLOG PRODUCT™ is not responsible for the consequences/legal repercussions that arise from following any of our prompts.

Updated irregularly. Deal with it.
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also follows on tw*ttr aw yissss nailed it
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Start a humorous single-serving blog. You’ll get so wrapped up in procrastinating from it that you’ll get swept up in your actual work.
And you win the Wurlitzer Prize for meta-reference...
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This rules.
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Envision the heartfelt moment where [your product] finally reunites with its estranged father.

posted by sweetkid at 12:18 PM on September 27, 2013

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