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An immersive nocturnal ambient sound experience created and performed by yours truly. Mixing hundreds of field recordings, soundscapes, shortwave radio interceptions, natural drones, found audio, and more, it's a wide-ranging sonic odyssey which reflects ecologies of many kinds: environmental (ocean sounds, wildlife, atmospheres), religious (calls to prayer and ritual singing), radiophonic (data transmissions, Morse code, folkloric music) and beyond. The Flight is performed live and, like a traditional performance, adapts to the interests, affinities, and response of its audience.

I founded the blog ShortWaveMusic (previously | 2 | 3) in 2005 in Boston, MA, and it expanded to a global musical ethnography project in 2009. Since then, I've recorded musicians and regional music in Bulgaria, the UAE, Mali, and Socotra, Yemen. Future destinations include Algeria, Iraqi Kurdistan, Somaliland, and Western Sahara.

Just as authors and poets connect through readings, or popular music bloggers occasionally moonlight as DJs, I have been waiting for the right outlet to present my work on a more personal level. After years of flirting idly with the idea of the All-Night Flight (inspired by composer Terry Riley), I finally decided to organize my inaugural event on the occasion of this year’s World Listening Day. The first installment premiered overnight in the desert of Joshua Tree, CA, on July 20, and I'm now looking for opportunities to present this work in-person elsewhere on the West Coast.

Performances start between 9 and 10 PM and run all night long, mixed continuously, until 5 or 6 AM. Traditional concert settings are rejected in favor of remote, rural, desert, or undocumented areas, and audience sizes are limited to 25 to safeguard authentic interaction between performer and recipient. Each performance will be documented and audience members are asked (as in this video) to reflect on their experiences after sunrise.
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Hymns from the glitchscapes. Very very good.
posted by Foci for Analysis at 10:23 AM on July 24, 2013

i want WAVES OF WAVES to be the background sound of my future hi-tech life
posted by Foci for Analysis at 10:34 AM on July 24, 2013

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