WFMU's Music Faucet Tapes '92-'94
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WFMU's Music Faucet Tapes '92-'94
I finally uploaded a set of 28 digitized cassette tapes containing live music broadcast on WFMU's The Music Faucet between 1992 and 1994. It kind of captures a moment in the downtown NYC music scene of the time. Everything from indie rock to spoken word to avant-garde to folk to western music. Also a real sense of community, with the musicians often making multiple appearances in different configurations.

So.. a few days ago the WFMU Twitter account posted a link to Jeff Buckley live on Nick Hill's show in 1992. I used to listen to and record live music on the station semi-religiously. About six years ago I digitized my tape collection, and yesterday, after checking with the station manager, I posted it to YouTube. This AskMe was really helpful in getting my mp3s into a YT-friendly format.

I've always felt that these broadcasts had some historical significance, but most hits for "music faucet" (that aren't on go to tape-trader lists, and are only associated with better-known names like Jeff Buckley. You could read about the Paley Center's copy of the Neal Cassaday Memorial but not listen to it. Now you can.

What with Maxwell's closing, and the 4th of July coming up.. I've never been much of one to toot my own horn, but.. there's some really great stuff here. And lots of tape hiss.
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Oh... Oh! Oh my god! Yes! YES!

This is so cool.
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I think maybe I'll go through some of these to add annotations, especially to the shows that have dozens of different performers.
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Example: Katell Keineg

Are there any tools which would help with this? The in-studio performances are mostly songs interleaved with interview, so the waveform changes. If I could look at the audio in an editor, place cue points, and output a text file of those cuepoints it would save a lot of time versus doing it all manually.
posted by unmake at 3:13 AM on July 6, 2013

And are there any meta-services that'll provide links to various digital music stores (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon)? Maybe I could put links next to song titles, so maybe the artist(s) could get a tiny bit of money?
posted by unmake at 3:18 AM on July 6, 2013

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