The Psalms for Daily Worship
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The Psalms for Daily Worship
I just self-published an edition of the Psalms that my wife and I have been using for the last few months. It's the KJV text, divided into thirty days of Morning and Evening prayer and marked for antiphonal responsive reading.

The price is $4.99, which is as low as I could make it for a book of this size and still qualify for all of the free distribution channels. I'm working on a Kindle edition, though that may take a bit.

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Order placed, looking forward to it! I love the Psalms.
posted by Serene Empress Dork at 3:47 AM on June 28, 2013

This is stuponfuciously awesome.
posted by DWRoelands at 6:38 AM on July 5, 2013

Received my book right on time and it is very nice! Cover is simple and pretty, the text is clean and nicely set.

It occurred to me after I ordered it that I'm probably not ever going to use it for responsive reading as my devotion time is always solitary, but the response format is subtle enough that it doesn't get in the way of simply reading the lines.

I also appreciate that you included the order of reading, which happens to be very simple... start the month on day 1, read through until the last day of the month (repeating the last day's Psalms in months with 31 days) then start over with day 1 the next month.

Nice job!
posted by Serene Empress Dork at 7:24 AM on July 10, 2013

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