Towards DIY Fanzines
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Towards DIY Fanzines
For this year's DC Zinefest, I am attempting to put together a set of fanzines. While still a work in progress, I thought they might be of interest to Mefites.

Basically, the Zinefest, while awesome, has thus far had very little representation from fandom and fannish communities, and I am attempting to change that. Since the traditional fanzine would probably not be of interest to Zinefest participants (being a large, bound volume of longer fanfic and some fanart), the zines I'm working on will be more in the DIY mode.

My goal is to produce a set of six fanzines-- four single-fandom and two multifandom-- containing short pieces of fanfic and meta (under 1000 words), fanart, comics, craft instructions, recipes, lists, and other miscellanea. They will be homemade in the traditional make-a-mess-at-Kinko's manner, and sold at the Zinefest and online to cover my production costs.

These are the zines and fandoms that are on the slate:

Encyclopedia Gallifrey, Doctor Who
The Turtle Moves, Discworld
Greetings From Coeur d’Coeurs, Pushing Daisies
Beyond the Barricade, Les Miserables
Storming the Clubhouse, a zine about being treated as an outsider by your fandom (in particular, seeking stories from women in traditionally mostly-male fandoms)
How I Found Fandom, a zine collecting stories of how people found fandom and what finding fandom meant to them

I have a bunch of really cool, creative people signed up to participate, but I would welcome anyone else who's interested in making something for a zine. If you're active in any of the fandoms listed above, and have something you'd like to contribute, I'd love to hear from you!

I am coordinating the project via my tumblr and the DIY Fanzines comm on Dreamwidth.
Role: Coordinator and zine-maker
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