Stories About Monkeys
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Stories About Monkeys
I am spending the next 11 months in the rainforest in Cote d'Ivoire studying monkey behavior! I'll be telling (hopefully) exciting stories of monkey chasing, fecal sample collecting, snake spotting, and the challenges of integrating myself into a village on the Liberian-Ivorian border at The Great Blue Erin.
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Hello from the rainforest! I am writing this on the buttress of a tree now, about a kilometer from camp, 10 from the nearest village, and 14 from Liberia! The internet is a little slower than anticipated, and blogger takes a little more oomph to actually publish a blog than I anticipated, so I'm hoping to update once every two weeks or so when I go into the village of Tai, which has better cell phone coverage. The monkeys are great, though, and I've collected fecal samples, seen a green mamba, recognized monkeys by their nipples, and danced at a crazy fete!
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