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A web app for editing sentences and paragraphs.

Paste your text in and click the "edit" button to prepare it for editing (line breaks will be retained, rich text formatting won't).

Use the keyboard navigation shortcuts to move back and forth between individual sentences (click them to edit them).

Use the mode shift shortcut to zoom out and edit on the paragraph level (the paragraph level view is also a good place to add or delete sentences).

Use the document view shortcut to zoom out further and view your changes in the context of the entire text or to copy the text for publishing/saving (use the mode shift shortcut in this mode to change text formatting).

Use the menu shortcut to return to the menu and paste in a new text for editing.

As you edit, carver automatically saves a backup of your text to your browser's localStorage in case of browser crashes or accidental closing; when you come back to the app after editing a text, you'll be asked whether you want to return to the text you were working on or erase it and work on a new one. Tested in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on Windows 7 and Mountain Lion.
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Who is the intended user for this?
posted by amtho at 12:19 PM on June 28, 2013

I tried this out with a scrap of fiction that I had been working on in Word. I liked what isolating every sentence did for how I viewed them, and I think it helped me fix the story in a way that looking at it in Word alone did not, but the controls are not intuitive and it isn't clear to me still what the last three control really do (change mode? What mode?). A white/gray-text-on-black editing field and a full screen option would be nice, if possible. Thank you for making this available.
posted by koucha at 11:51 AM on June 30, 2013

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