Making It: a cabaret web series
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Making It: a cabaret web series
A ten part portrait of an entrepreneur, told through monologues and song. Pete recently opened a small clothing store. He's begun recording a video diary to document what's happening with his business, as well as his thoughts on what it means to be a small business owner.

This project is my attempt to explore how people convince others that they can take on bigger challenges. I think it's a common experience to feel like you're stuck in a groove, based only on what others assume you can do. One's self-image is often grander and more multi-dimensional. How do you get other people to take you as seriously as you take yourself? I took "entrepreneurship" and dynamics of the current job market as a jumping off point.

Some notes on the style: While early Broadway was probably the strongest influence on the music, the dramatic presentation is more influenced by the unreliable narrators in Randy Newman songs and the low-energy style of "mumblecore" movies. The narrative has a shape, but I wanted it more to be something to be "observed" and reflected upon than a series of presenting strongly-connected plot points.
Role: writer and performer
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