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Secret Metafilter
Secret Metafilter highlights discussions that are still active on older Metafilter posts. The idea comes from Metafilter user painquale, who wished there was a way to easily find older, active threads, and called the body of such threads "Secret Metafilter."

Secret Metafilter scrapes the past month's worth of Metafilter posts and shows recent comments (made in the past 4 days) on posts that are between a week and a month old.

More information is available on the about page.

The code running the site is available on github:
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posted by jjwiseman (4 comments total) 16 users marked this as a favorite

This is really neat--thank you! I just lost an hour and now have *mumble mumble* open tabs of stuff that I otherwise would've missed.
posted by MeghanC at 11:19 PM on May 2, 2013

And a majority of the comments are made by homunculus, as I suspected.
posted by grouse at 5:15 AM on May 3, 2013

At the moment, 74 of 285 comments shown on secretmefi are by homunculus--a strong plurality.
posted by jjwiseman at 11:01 AM on May 3, 2013 [2 favorites]

Your choice of either (a) I should know better than to extrapolate from a small sample with systematic bias, or (b) artistic license!
posted by grouse at 12:26 PM on May 3, 2013

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