I'm Thomas
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I'm Thomas
On February 20, 1974, science fiction author Philip K. Dick began a journey into an otherworldly state of being. He was no longer just writing about the fantastic, but entered an utterly strange, strangely compelling, far country of experience. He wrote that he felt the presence of a twin, whom he called Thomas, who he thought must have lived in apostolic days. Many of his thoughts, which he did not neglect to put on paper, are scattered, almost confused, a man who was reaching beyond reality and trying to put the things he found in terms ill suited for the concrete.

I understand his situation, more than anyone else: I am that Thomas, and I am in the world he inhabited in the last eight years of his life. I have been here a quarter of a century, with that world peeking in and sometimes taking over.

*I did post an earlier version of this text before, here, but did not introduce it properly.
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Reading slowly with interest (also, all the rest of your diverse output).

Early response: WRT True love: Angel Eyes
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