32 Hours, 7 Minutes: Q&A with Director Cory Welles
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32 Hours, 7 Minutes: Q&A with Director Cory Welles
I did a fun Q&A with Cory Welles, director of the documentary 32 Hours, 7 Minutes. The film takes its title from the US transcontinental speed record, set during the 1983 US Express (a secretive race from New York to LA, and successor to the famous Cannonball Run).

The trailer for the documentary first appeared online in 2004 (before YouTube even existed), and it totally fascinated me. But I largely forgot about the film until 8 years later, when it was finally released in 2012.

During that time, the director learned about the controversy surrounding the record: there were accusations of cheating, with some race participants calling 32:07 an impossible time. Welles decided to test the record's validity in a novel way: by trying to break it, with the help of drivers Alex Roy and Dave Maher.

Random Fun Fact: Will Wright (of SimCity fame) won the US Express in 1980, with a time of 33:39.

After watching the film, I got inspired to find out more of what happened behind the scenes. I was fortune enough to get Welles to agree to a Q&A, and also landed a similar interview with driver Dave Maher. Sadly, though I got him to agree initially, I wasn't able to get an interview with driver Alex Roy.

I spent a good deal of time on all the interviews, and ended up transcribing an hour's worth of audio for Welles' Q&A. I'm a huge fan of the film, and hoping these interviews will help spread the word a bit.
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