Myrln Books: publishing my late father's fiction.
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Myrln Books: publishing my late father's fiction.
With the fifth anniversary of my father's death approaching this April 10, I've spent the past three months diving into some of his WordPerfect for DOS files. As of today, three titles have been published via Kindle Direct Publishing (without DRM), and I've begun the process of prepping for print publication via CreateSpace.

While my father had a couple of plays published by Samuel French, and had a long career as both a director and playwright in upstate New York, he'd never managed to convince a publisher to take any of his novels.

Here are the books of his that I've published so far. You can view samples on their respective Amazon pages, or have the samples sent to your Kindle device/app.

Yours Truly, Cy Riddle (actually "three novellas and one long story") is something of a baseball satire about a fictional pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, the son he didn't know he had, and the woman who bore that son.

Forward's March is a more serious book, following an ex-soldier who contacts three men he command during a disastrous and lethal training exercise in an attempt to figure out the disease of killing.

SURPRISE! or Black and White Blues: Adrift in the Red White & Blue Zone is a pretty weird and sometimes intense book that (I think) in part amounts to my father trying to figure out how a white guy can, and cannot, talk about race.

There are other books to come, once my sister figures out what we've got access to and what we don't, as she is the Keeper of the Disks. For what it's worth, the process of going from WordPerfect files to Kindle has been a somewhat messy combination of LibreOffice, TextEdit, and Sigil.
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You've done a wonderful job with the book covers. A suggestion: on the website, you should make the book covers themselves links to the items (in addition to the "Amazon Kindle" links).
posted by oulipian at 10:25 PM on March 18, 2013

You are probably right. Although once I have print editions, too, I will need to figure out what gets the cover-link.
posted by theonetruebix at 9:09 AM on March 19, 2013

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