Gawker Blocker
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Gawker Blocker
It's hard for me to rationalize my hatred for all things Gawker, so I won't even try. Call it irrational and move on. Sometime ago I got tired of clicking links only to be taken to a Gawker site. I can lay a list of sins at their feet (the most recent being the disabling of the browser back button when visiting their sites), so I decided to do something about it.

I've been using the techniques I wrote up on this site for 6 months now and I can honestly say I don't miss any of their content. In the rare chance they actually write about something I want to read I generally google the subject and find the primary site and ignore their recap of someone else's work.

My world is a better place without Gawker link bait. You can use the same techniques on this site to block any site you never want to see again. It doesn't have to be Gawker. Political pundit sites, religious nutjobs sites, or just sites you spend too much time on.

I also block ad networks by doing this. Your feedback and suggestions for expansion are welcome.
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I enthusiastically endorse the use of this over moaning about Gawker links in comments.
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That was one of the inspirations. I was ready to make a metatalk post asking people to stop posting to their crap. The writing is generally not good, the material can be found elsewhere (usually in more depth and sans an idiot telling you the meaning of it all), and I got pissed when they allowed my username/password to leak without taking even minimal precautions to munge the passwords. I can understand the appeal of some of the sites, so can imagine the other sites appeal to others, but I condemn them through guilt by association and think they are owned/run by asshats. I know my opinion isn't alone, so whenever anyone links to one of these sites someone comes along to point out why you should hate them. I'm not going to be that guy. Block them or don't, but bitching about them without doing anything is idiotic.

This also means I seldom get trolled to read sites I despise.
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"Gawker Blawker," surely?
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Gocker Blocker?
posted by Now there are two. There are two _______. at 10:06 PM on March 2, 2013 is now parked on the domain. I may rebrand, since I like this idea.
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