Beats By Jahbil
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Beats By Jahbil
I am longtime MeFiMusic contributor. Here are some music videos to tracks that I have posted over the years. Full list and links inside.

Lufthansa (mefi) — retro flight safety footage, modern saudi arabian airport promo
Intel (TM) Tetris (mefi) — tetris, soviet opera, and vladimir putin
I Must Confess (mefi) — from the gospel according to britney
Family Matters Theme (mefi) — a remix to the theme song of family matters
808 Digital Gamelan (mefi) — Javanese gamelan, old and new
Eddish Regrets (mefi) — Planet Earth birds, 1990s muchmusic footage from "Electric Circus"
Px Viy (mefi) — music and footage made in East Timor
Leave the Earth Behind You (mefi) — just some dancing
Rocks and Gravel Rmx (mefi) — remix of an early bob dylan song
Nose (mefi) — contains a Christopher Walken sample

Unreleased (not posted on MeFi Music)
Globs and Pour — old russian cartoon
Liars Remix — footage from the Curiosity Rover landing
Shimmy — scenes from Road Rash
Unfunky UFO — featuring Techno Viking!
Role: Producer
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Oh dang you find the best people dancing! And I would totally do my 2 minutes on the pole to your Family Matters Remix.

Well done! And thank you!
posted by carsonb at 11:13 PM on February 20, 2013

Really enjoying Px Viy. Good stuff, thanks for posting this.
posted by dubold at 1:52 AM on February 26, 2013

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