BUNK - a rock video for Nardwuar + the Evaporators
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BUNK - a rock video for Nardwuar + the Evaporators
BUNK is a rock-video I recently directed, produced and helped animate for a fellow known as Nardwuar The Human Serviette (who the world really should have heard of by now). His band is called the Evaporators and their sound is best thought of as Ramones-ish old-school punk by way of Saturday morning cartoons ... hence the old-school cut + paste non-digital (for the most part) animation.

A guy named Robert Holbrook did the editing and post-production compositing. The other animators were Frank Zeidler, David Wilson + Neil Parker. The overall concept is FUN.

Nardwuar's site
Role: producer-director-animator
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by chapps on February 14, 2013: BUNK - a rock video for Nardwuar + the Evaporators

Entertainingly weird. When I saw "by way of Saturday morning cartoons", I feared it'd have some Archies influence, but, no, it's definitely more '80s "Jem and the Holograms" stuff. Then again, the Ramones were rather cartoonish themselves (in ways that never got shown on Saturday morning).

And going through Nardwuar's YouTube channel, I saw him doing interviews with the great, near-great and just plain grating, under the "Nardwuar Vs..." theme, and right near the top, an interview from WAY BACK in 1994 with Timothy Freaking Leary! And his opening question "Are you the Hugh Hefner of LSD?" earns an award from TL as "the dumbest question ever..."

In a world of personalities trying for distinctive looks, NOBODY rocks a tam-o-shanter like Nardwuar.

Awesome. I, for one, truly regret never having heard of him before now. Thank you.
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I just need more bands that sound like the Ramones, and these guys sound like the Ramones. And the video is cool! Thank you for making it.
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And his opening question "Are you the Hugh Hefner of LSD?" earns an award from TL as "the dumbest question ever..."

True fact. That was my question. I've known Nardwuar for years. Part of his prep for interviews is to put it out to his network that he's hoping to talk to so and so, and does anybody have any good questions.

In the Tim Leary case, I was reading a Robert Anton Wilson book at the time where he made a comment to that effect, so I just sort of passed it along.
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Nice work, p-r. Love narduwar. A singular rock journalist. For those unacquainted, check out his brilliant interviews with Snoop Dawg, DAS RACIST and Kurt Cobain, amongst countless others.

But the video's fab.
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