Record your answers to silly questions about clones.
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Record your answers to silly questions about clones.
I've put seven questions together on the topic of clones. There is a tool on the website that lets you record your own answers to these questions. The answers will be edited into the first episode of the Machine Court Podcast, an audio program with sketch comedy and interviews related to technology and ethics.

An example question: Suppose that you and your clone parted company. Then a year later, your clone became extremely successful in ways that you had hoped you would achieve. How would you react?

The Machine Court Podcast is coming this month, but I'm waiting to get some more recorded answers to use in it. Voice and recording quality is not so important. I just like thoughtful and imaginative people and what they might say. In the program, you can hear myself and others discussing answers that people give. The fictional context of this discussion is that machines are judging humanity.
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