MTransit Minneapolis St. Paul Metro Transit App
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MTransit Minneapolis St. Paul Metro Transit App
This is a web application optimized for mobile devices that pulls realtime data from the municipal data feed in real time. If you're trying to catch the bus, you can find stations by full-text search, bookmark them and reload the page for live-updates of bus arrivals. It's made with Flask (a Python based web framework and Twitter Bootstrap a CSS framework). MTransit can also locate the closest bus stops to you via a geolocation API available in most browsers. It displays well on tablets, phones and good old browsers.

I am actually giving this app up for adoption.

I loved writing it but no longer live in Minneapolis, so I would like to give it to someone there preferably. I can give you the entire source and guide you to deploying it into your own Heroku account.

A lot of the work related to scrubbing the data and setting up the database for Flask. The JQuery is not under tests and it was mostly an exercise in learning Heroku/Bootstrap and geolocation.
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