A Map of Saints' Relics in Rome
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A Map of Saints' Relics in Rome
As a companion piece to my blog, All the Saints You Should Know, I've compiled what I believe to be the Internet's most complete map of Rome's holy relics, including papal hearts, saints' skulls and preserved bodies of the blessed. The annotated map includes information about church access, locations of the relics within the church, and a few additional points of interest.
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Whoa, cool!

The hearts of 22 popes? Got a bit greedy, didn't they? I can understand why the Church made a rule that popes couldn't be organ donors. You would start to feel people looking at you and licking their lips in anticipation...
posted by XMLicious at 10:38 PM on December 25, 2012

I've been slowly reading through your blog and realizing that saints and reliquaries are kind of bizarrely interesting. So thank you for this.
posted by sciencegeek at 3:51 AM on December 26, 2012

I am a saintophile and love the blog!!
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As a long-time resident of Rome, congratulations! This is an astoundingly complete and accurate piece of work, and will inspire me for many outings, walks and visits - many thanks!

One very tiny cavil: the "Protestant Cemetery" is in fact more correctly called the "Non-Catholic Cemetery"; it also contains Jewish, Orthodox and other graves and memorials. Their URL is misleading: I assume they chose it because it's shorter than the more correct version. But you certainly got it better than most Romans, who call it "il cimitero inglese".
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At last, Google Saintview!
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Thanks aqsakal! Non-Catholic Cemetery it is.
posted by Thin Lizzy at 8:24 AM on December 28, 2012

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