Shit Old Guys Who Get Us Into Wars Say
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Shit Old Guys Who Get Us Into Wars Say
I'm building a compendium of videos of warmongering chickenhawks saying stupid shit.
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You don't seem to know what "chickenhawk" means.
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Transcripts would be great.
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I think chickenhawk is generally understood to refer to people that like to bluster for war but who themselves or whose children don't necessarily care to fight in said war. McCain is an exception since he served but despite his service I find him to resemble a chicken. Notable chickenhawks include Wolfowitz, Crystal, Lieberman, that Council on Foreign Affairs douche.
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Yes @garm, thank for your suggestions. I shouldn't have limited to just videos. Transcripts, quotations, photos, etc. all are welcome. Here's a link to post stuff yourself

I just wanted a place to get all this oft-hypocritical windbaggery in one place!

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I welcome any suggestions on other places to share this project. I'd like to add a few good posts a day.
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Man, as cool as it is to have all this bullshit, humbug, and scumbaggery all in one place, it sure is a bummer to watch 'em all one after the other. It's temping to share, but I'm not that much of a killjoy, ya know?
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Also, it should be called "Shit Old Guys Who Start Wars Say" and then you could go international. That would be fascinating.
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For the video posts, it would be helpful if there were pull quotes to entice visitors to play the videos. (I personally am not inclined to watch a video unless I have some idea of what it is.)
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Great suggestions @carsonb and @ignignokt. I'm making your modifications! Post more shit please!
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That's because pallen123 took carsonb's advice. You might want to ask a mod to update the URL in your post, pallen123.
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I don't know how old the guy has to be, but I think you should definitely include Patrick Clawson's speech about how we might want to start a war with Iran.
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