Gnimmel's House of Maps
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Gnimmel's House of Maps
Recent baby arrival means that my Tumblr artblog is not likely to be updated for some considerable time, so I thought I'd post it here to see if anything was of interest. Originally this was a project to finish 31 unfinished artworks and post them one-a day for a month; some others got tacked on at the beginning and end. Some of the more interesting contents include: a flowchart of Shakespeare's plots, a tube map of the periodic table (and vice versa), photostory The Mirror; various maps, instructions, diagrams, flowcharts etc. (some NSFW).
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Really like the wide format. Does Tumblr do any kind of fancy image scaling or is it one size fits all?
posted by Foci for Analysis at 5:07 PM on November 18, 2012

Does Tumblr do any kind of fancy image scaling or is it one size fits all?

gnimmel's text under the "flowchart of Shakespeare's plots" seem to indicate that Tumbr does some scaling.
posted by terrapin at 1:31 PM on November 19, 2012

Gorgeous! I wish I could have a copy of teh Shakespeare one on my office wall!
posted by pointystick at 8:55 AM on November 20, 2012

I love the cat map of the UK.
posted by seanmpuckett at 9:02 AM on November 20, 2012

Yes, Tumblr does a lot of scaling - rather too much in some cases (e.g. very large images are auto-rescaled down, hence my having to host some bigger images elsewhere). The wide format is the HD Exhibit theme, which is meant for HD photography.
posted by gnimmel at 2:13 AM on November 21, 2012

Thank you! This is marvelous!
posted by Kerasia at 3:31 PM on November 23, 2012

The "board book" is adorable!
posted by msbubbaclees at 7:55 PM on December 3, 2012

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