Demented Agitprop: the Myth and Madness of Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theories
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Demented Agitprop: the Myth and Madness of Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theories
An extended research into Agenda 21 conspiracies (UN, international socialism, bike lanes, smart growth, etc..) I was working on a few months back outgrew the home it was originally destined for, so I published it as an ebook. It's a thorough investigation into some of the groups and ideologues behind the movement, and how it all ties in to the larger property rights movement that has been railing against environmentalists and government conspiracies for over a hundred years.
Role: author, researcher
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Went to Amazon to check it out, saw the 2-star review from Concern Troll J.C. Shepard and knew I had to pop the $1 to buy it... will read later and contribute my own review.
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My favorite part about J.C. Shepard's review was referring to it as "Agenda 21 for Dummies" -- because that just opens it up to so many jokes.

Looking forward to reading this.
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This article summarizes some of the larger points
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Man, it kind of goes without saying, but do not read the comments on that article.
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