Tabminder: Stop distracted browsing before it starts
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Tabminder: Stop distracted browsing before it starts
Tabminder is a Google Chrome extension I built to intercept distracted browsing and give me occasional reminders to get back to work. When I open a distracting tab on my blacklist, Tabminder starts counting down from a preset time limit. When time's up, it prompts me to close the distracting tab or restart the timer. It's just annoying enough to keep me focused but not so strict that I can't visit MetaFilter once in a while. It works well in combination with StayFocusd to keep me from wasting my daily distraction quota.

You might have seen some of the other things I've built to teach myself Python here on Projects. (Previously: 1 2 3). I learned JavaScript to build this, and it's my first major JS project, so I'd appreciate it if you report any bugs you're lucky enough to discover. The source code is on Github under an MIT license.
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I thought I'd use this for a bit before commenting. I like it, and I think I'll keep using it.

I don't think this counts as a bug exactly but I do have a problem with the way resetting the timer reloads the page. If I'm in the middle of typing in a text box when I get the prompt and I want to keep going then I've lost everything I've typed. It would be nicer if the page was kept open in the background.
posted by PJMcPrettypants at 2:47 AM on October 3, 2012

Thanks! I'll add this to my to-do list.
posted by ecmendenhall at 5:00 PM on October 14, 2012

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