I Bought Ad Space in the DC Metro to Tell Politicians the Harm Their Incessant Rancor is Producing
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I Bought Ad Space in the DC Metro to Tell Politicians the Harm Their Incessant Rancor is Producing
I'm tired of the spin and the half-truths. While politicians jockey for position and influence, Americans are suffering. I'm taking my Chamomile Tea Party posters to the public! I've rented ad space in Washington, DC's Metro and I've posted the first of two ads on their back-lit signs.

I'd like to get these out to the public to promote some healthy discussion about the difficult issues facing the American public.
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It baffles me that anyone can look at the current state of American politics and honestly see the issue as "partisanship" or "extremism on both sides." Of course the Democrats are far from perfect, but the Republicans have openly stated that their goal is *not* to help the country, but simply to make things as bad as possible so Obama will lose this election. There is videotape of Mitch McConnell saying this.

Saying "both sides are too extreme" is like saying the problem in 1939 was "Hitler and the Polish are both fighting too much."

This country would be a far far better place with more rancor from the Democrats, especially the genuinely liberal ones in Congress. People are losing their jobs and dying in pointless wars and the Constitution is being raped on a daily basis: these things are worth getting angry about.
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I love educational culture jamming. These are really well done, some friends in New York have started instagramming them and posting them when they spot them on facebook
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I'm working as fast as I can, odinsdream. LOL

Bobdow, I'd like to know more about what your NYC friends are doing. It sounds very cool. Any links?

drjimmy11, you are right. This time the GOP is very much to blame. They are obstructionists. I have the same video of Mitch McConnell and it's crazy that he could get away with that blantant statement and not be called on it either then or now. As you said, the Dems aren't angels. If you look over all my posters you'll see that a lot of them focus on the Republicans. But they also focus on various issues such as the banking issue and the foreclosure mess.

And the GOP often doesn't get off easy.
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Wow, I've been seeing these posters in the Metro lately and it just blew my mind that they were put there by a Mefite! I love them, especially the more recent Disunity one. Thanks for speaking out for the rest of us!
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