It's important to be positive
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It's important to be positive
A short interactive online documentary telling some segments of the life of a resident of Leith, Edinburgh. Having gone from respected high school teacher in Scotland to convicted cocaine smuggler in Guyana - these snippets show him as he begins to rebuild his life.
Role: director
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Your website isn't doing anything for me, which is a shame - I'd definitely be interested in this. Should I wait longer for some invisible loading, or is it broken?

Windows 7 64/Chrome 21/Flash 11.3
posted by leo_r at 4:33 PM on September 4, 2012

I had the same problem (safari on an iPad 2), but assumed it was due to my relatively slow wifi. It may well be the wifi as I've had other issues, but thought that I'd add my experience since someone else reported a problem. It sounds like an interesting project.
posted by kaybdc at 3:10 PM on September 6, 2012

Hi chums, chrome was borked, but they fixed it - ipad doesnt really work at the moment, but if anyone can tell me how to get the links working therein that would be great.
posted by sgt.serenity at 5:50 AM on October 20, 2012

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