Political Subversities
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Political Subversities
I write semi-frequent posts at the Political Subversities blog, which also has a lot of funny stuff written by people who aren't me.

My posts thus far:
Liam Neeson HATES Wolves, in which I detail the thought process behind the film The Grey.

A Very Private Letter to Rush Limbaugh, in which I call Rush mean names.

Two Fun, Easy, Not-Angry-At-All Ideas for NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, in which I try to convince my man R. Kelly to go arrest Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

Get Your Act Together, in which I complain about a distinct lack of fully-hydrogenated soybean oil.

Wipeout: Worst Creation of Mankind or Just Most Evil?, in which at 3am I drunkenly reviewed the season premiere of Wipeout.

Dave Goes to College, in which I write a college admissions essay in 10 minutes detailing my plans for my next undergrad experience.

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