BrainTripping: Markov-chain your own path through the words of famous people.
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BrainTripping: Markov-chain your own path through the words of famous people.
Step inside the "brain" of Jesus, the Pope, Kurt Cobain, or Tupac to come up with your own sentences and stories. Words are suggested based on the language patterns of the brain (and you are limited to their vocabulary). There's a learning curve, but once you get past it, hilarious times can be had. Read my introduction post or check out the tutorial to get started.

It's been a labour of love and I'd be grateful for feedback to help me improve it. A lot of people don't "get it" right away but when I use it myself with friends, the effect on my belly rivals British comedy. (Oh, Peep Show...)

Almost everyone begins by composing nearly-meaningless phrases while they figure out how the language model works. Those who stick around progress to stepping "in character" and create humourous, improv-like threads.

So it's kind of like one part improv, one part collaborative fiction, one part Twitter.

Don't ask where the idea came from. I have a strange brain.
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The website's put together really well! I haven't had a change to truly explore it, but it seems like a great concept. I'm really impressed by the number of people you've developed models for.
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