Bitstreet Framework
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Bitstreet Framework
I've been developing software for around 8 years. I've discovered the basic problems people need solved over and over again to have a successful presence online. I've managed to come up with a project that has almost all of them solved from the beginning. This allows you to continue doing what you do best without having to find ways to "send email newsletters" or "create a calendar of events"; these basic needs will already be figured out for you. The best part is you can have some powerful software to focus on the success of your organization, not the troubleshooting of technical problems.
Role: Programmer and pretty much everything at the moment
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Very nice design and pitch. One thing, as a fellow programmer, that was not clear to me up front was how I use it. When I hear "framework" I think in terms of cakePHP, Symfony or Zend Framework and the up front introduction shows me how I leap tall buildings in a few lines of code.

I sense that you mean framework in a user-centric sort of way that enables a small business operator to plug in various bits of functionality without needing to program something. Am I understanding you correctly? This is a great service and I'm going to watch its progress but I think programmers may have some initial audience confusion. I hope this feedback is helpful.
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Thanks that was good feedback! I really like the word "framework", it's the best way to describe it. I do use Zend "Framework" at work however [so you're right]. I'm going to make huge buttons on the home page for "users [mortals]" and "developers". If you're a user you can run it just like Wordpress...if you're a developer, you can download it install it for somebody and then add your own new section of some custom features and/or a new custom theme. I'll probably have to do the same thing with the documentation, have two different paths of knowledge.
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I suggest working the word "organization" or "business" somewhere into the first sentence. At first I thought you were presenting some kind of programming stack that solves common programming problems, like .NET or libboost.
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I did some updates that make the usage of the project very clear based on what kind of person you are "user" "designer" or "programmer". The feedback I received here helped me clear some things up, thanks again!
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yes, Wordpress is nice choice, or put on other auto templates.
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This looks very cool. I could see recommending this to clients who want a quick-and-easy website that has all the functionality they'll eventually ask for.

I agree with lewingfr, more themes would be nice.
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