10 alternative Disney movie posters
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10 alternative Disney movie posters
I have re-designed several classic Disney movie posters, giving each one a quirky twist! I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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posted by rowansm (11 comments total)

101 Dalmations is my favorite!
posted by orrnyereg at 12:09 PM on April 3, 2012

Nitpick: The Disney movie is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Still, they're all great.
posted by DevilsAdvocate at 3:22 PM on April 3, 2012

I love the first Bambi one... Snow White is great too.
posted by Night_owl at 4:44 PM on April 3, 2012

thirding the love for Snow White, that's the standout IMHO. I like Sleeping Beauty as well. Great work.
posted by dubold at 2:36 AM on April 4, 2012

Amazing, love them all but I looked the longest at Snow White - genius.
I loved your movie and book posters as well!
posted by like_neon at 4:42 AM on April 4, 2012

I really enjoyed these. The Lion King was my favorite but I especially enjoyed the style of Alice in Wonderland and Snow White. Lovely work! (I also adore your book covers, you have some real gems there too.)
posted by Vysharra at 4:08 PM on April 4, 2012

Thank you all very much for the feedback! Much appreciated!
posted by rowansm at 5:14 PM on April 4, 2012

The double visual meeting in both is excellent. Would these be available for reposting on other sites? With credit, of course.
posted by byronshell at 4:22 PM on April 5, 2012

I would welcome reposting, with credit, of course!
posted by rowansm at 4:42 PM on April 5, 2012

For me, it's the Alice in Wonderland - very nice idea with the card suits as face. Also the Pinocchio is stylish.
posted by iotic at 3:17 PM on April 6, 2012

Wow, those are lovely.
posted by mykescipark at 1:10 AM on April 7, 2012

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