A Poem From Us
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A Poem From Us
Funded by a $1,000 grant from the Chicago Awesome Foundation, A Poem From Us is kicking off National Poetry Month by inviting people to share a favorite poem via YouTube or Vimeo. The one rule for the project: the poem you read cannot be your own.

There are certain poems I simply love reading out loud. Sometimes, it's the poem itself; other times, it's simply the sequence of words, and the pleasure of sounding out each phrase.

I've had a longstanding interest in finding ways to combine poetry and technology. While poetry readings and open mic nights are the main way we hear poems nowadays, sharing poems via
YouTube/Vimeo seems like the next natural progression.

It's worth noting that I view this project as an informal endeavor: though people are "reading" poems, it's less about recitation and more about sharing a favorite poem with others that may not be familiar with it.

In addition to the online component, the project is also giving away free stickers: each sticker has the project URL and a custom QR code. When the QR code is scanned, a random video from the website is played on the user's mobile device.
Role: Pretty much everything save the project logo.
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