Blocked on Weibo
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Blocked on Weibo
Chinese words like foot fetish, Islam, and march are or were blocked on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. For two months last year, I used a Ruby script to uncover about a thousand of these blocked words. I've posted some of them on a website I created with short little entries on why they are blocked.

In case you prefer a more wordy explanation, a short article I wrote will go up on Monday which I'll post in the comments here then. But figured I'd post this now since it looks like some Carnegie Mellon researchers just published something similar last week.
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Edit: The Chinese words for foot fetish, Islam, and march...
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I found your list of blocked words kind of fascinating.

I just linked your project in my askme on interesting lists.
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The blog article I wrote up explaining the project in more detail: .

Sciencegeek: Thanks for the kind words!
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