A new game for the Kindle!
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A new game for the Kindle!
I spent over a year building an original new word game for Amazon's Kindle. But I've actually worked another five years on the game's concept with my business partner -- who'd first shared his dream of creating a new game all the way back in 1991. "I almost wept on the day our graphic designer showed us the beautiful background illustration they'd created," I write in this blog post finally announcing the game's release. In "Throw in the Vowel," we've searched for exotic patterns of consonants -- sometimes even four N's in a row, or three T's -- and then provided the vowels which will turn them all into words. It's surprisingly satisfying to create meaningful words out of these semi-arbitrary patterns of letters. Can you "Throw in the Vowel"?
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Can it be gotten for a Nook yet?
posted by scottymac at 7:30 PM on February 19, 2012

This looks very nice, and I love the idea of Kindle gaming, especially word games (kind of makes sense, right?) Unfortunately we Canadians can't download Kindle apps! Maybe someday, but it's already been a few years, and no changes. Blerg.
posted by hiteleven at 4:20 PM on February 24, 2012

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