Photobook Guide - reviews of photography monographs
May 19, 2006 10:30 PM

Photobook Guide - reviews of photography monographs
Frustrated by the shallowness of information around photography monographs on the web (even Wikipedia has a dearth), I set about making a site that reviews the great photography books. If you've seen Martin Parr's "The Photobook" (2003) or Roth's "Book of 101 Books" (2001), it springs from that seed. New and old get a showing, and there is some news sprinkled in. I had several other motivations. Some of these books are such small print runs (<500) that it is a chance to see art you might not otherwise. And as I say on my intro to the site there are "millions of photographs in thousands of out-of-print photobooks that may pass fans of photography by. Could a single shelf full of these books contain more photographic inspiration than many days of internet browsing?" It is only a couple of weeks old so only a dozen reviews or so have been put up, and I'm aiming at one or two per week. I realise it is a niche site, but I hope it is tightly focused for those others who have a passion for photo books.
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