"SXSW Baby", still bringing SXSW to the world
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"SXSW Baby", still bringing SXSW to the world
I found MeFi after I found SXSW. I found MeFi because of Bradlands. And I knew Brad because of SXSW Baby. The Unofficial Blog For SXSW is still going, and if you're heading to SXSW and could contribute a post or two (or if you want to do something a wee bit more) then I'd love you to get in touch with me ... Previously...

After Brad died (dammit), The Baby! writers, including myself, kept on going as best we could for that year. And at the end of that year, leading into 2011, I decided to seriously keep it going. That was a story in itself (which you can listen to here under "Ghost Story" - td/lr Brad coded it in PHP and B2Evo, he didn't know PHP or B2Evo, and I hit it with a hammer a lot...).

With help from many (including our very own mathowie) the site is now back (ish) with most (ish) of the archive moved into Wordpress, and my limited design skills replicating Brad's design of the blog.

So this post is twofold. To remind people SXSW Baby is still around, and to ask if anyone would like to contribtue. A single post or thought on SXSW (music, film, interactive, whatever) would be smashing. An offer to write a few posts leading up to o during our time in Austin would be wonderful. Someone who really gets WP design and can help this look nice and surface the content in the sidebar wold be amazing.

I can offer each contributor a shiny badge and lots of love.
Role: The current Dread Pirate Roberts of SXSW Baby
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