Dead Party, a game made in 48 hours.
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Dead Party, a game made in 48 hours.
Dead Party is a game made for the 22nd Ludum Dare 48 hour competition. You're a cat, and you must escort friendly ghost cats out of the level. It's Ico meets Diablo meets Smash TV. With cats.

The Ludum Dare is a quad-annual event where participants must produce a game, including design, concept, and art, in under 48 hours based on a theme. This is my game.

Dead Party was made with ActionScript3 and the Flixel game Library, utilizing Flixel power tools and the DAME level editor.

Be aware, it was made in 48 hours, so it's not super-polished or coherent.

Here's a write up I did after finishing.

Here's the Ludum Dare page entry page, if you participated in this Ludum Dare you can rate it!
Role: Programmer, artist, swearing person
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