Oregon is Awesome! Your calendar of wonderful Oregon things!
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Oregon is Awesome! Your calendar of wonderful Oregon things!
An infographic solution to the problem of living in an awesome state.

Do you live in or just love Oregon? I created this poster in an attempt to capture every season and event in Oregon. A friend and I were talking about how sad it is to get to the end of summer and realize that you've missed something. If only there was a way to keep track of everything!

It's organized chronologically with January 1 at the top and December 31 at the bottom. It's loosely geographic with Oregon coast events on the left and Eastern Oregon events on the right. The ripples represent events/seasons that take place over a period of time. Solstices and Equinoxes are marked to help you keep track of time.

This was a lot of fun to create and I've made prints for sale through my site and also through my etsy shop. It's 11.5x24.

I'm hoping if it does well that I can do other states. Which states have the best stuff?
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I love it...I even just like the gardening schedule. An infographic for this would be nice in my own neck of the woods.

Did you use personal experience to choose the dates for things like tomato seed planting, or did you use a reference?
posted by Deathalicious at 5:47 AM on November 30, 2011

Also, Pennsylvania has the best stuff. I mean, an infographic for Philly alone would be covered with dots and ripples.
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I put the info together over the course of a year. Starting with my favorite things and asking lots of friends. I did research into other things and went hunting for those things which other people love but that I know nothing about. Which is how I found the Oregon Star Party and the Verboort Sausage Fest. And then I had to cull a bit for the fairly universal and most broadly loved.

It would be fun to do other states but I'd definitely need a partner to get them even close to right. This ultimately was a labor of love and that would be hard to replicate as an outsider!
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I just got mine in the mail, and I wasn't sure what it was going to look like from the previews, I don't know why but I think I just saw the close-ups. I read the thing about the concentric circles equating to time and just ordered one hoping for the best.

So it shows up and it looks fantastic, and I unrolled it and started thinking "I hope strawberries are on this" and then they are, and "I wonder if cyclocross season beginning shows up..." and there it was and even the International Pinot Noir fest down the street. Over 80% of the things on this poster are things I also look forward to and use to mark the seasons and I realized I loved this way more than I thought possible.

Anyway, this is so good I want to get mine framed now. You should get input from others and do them for every state (I bet jessamyn could come up with a good Vermont list).
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About my only change to the entire poster is that I denote Spring is about to begin when I see Forsythia bloom everywhere (those awesome super bright yellow bushes that flower in mid-March or so). But it's still awesome.
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Oh, yes, Forsythia! I'll put that on my list.

And so very happy you like it!
posted by amanda at 9:31 AM on December 3, 2011

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