The Best Liner Notes.
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The Best Liner Notes.
Actual quotes from actual records.

Liner notes are a dying art in the era of the MP3, but they used to be a big part of any record's marketing and the writers were often prone to flights of fancy. This Twitter feed I've set up collects the highlights from the backs of records I own or used to own.
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A great idea but in many ways I'd rather see a Tumblrblog than brief Tweets. I really miss liner notes - I was a big record hound and used to pick up tons of 50s and 60s LPs, and was in awe of the full back covers printed in close type with their lurid purple prose that would put Greil Marcus to shame. THese could be even funnier/more interesting with a few sentences or paragraphs of context kept together, and the source ID'd.
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It's a good idea and the quotes are interesting/funny, but I think a twitter feed is not doing them justice. Not knowing which album/artist the notes are from takes a lot away from the concept. On the other hand, seeing the quote without knowing the artist may make for more interesting reading and surprising combinations - could you maybe post the album info elsewhere and link it from the feed?
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I kind of dig the out of context-ness of the anonymous quotes, but that's a good idea for people who would like to know (although there are a few I haven't been able to find yet). Ask and ye shall receive:
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